Wii U parts rumored to cost $180: won't retail under $300

Rumors about each next-generation console seem to be coming thick and fast. First we heard details about the PlayStation Orbis, including specs, then the Xbox 720. The latest rumor is regards to Nintendo's Wii U. While we have a relatively clear idea of what the Wii U will be offering, pricing so far has remained elusive. New information indicates how much it costs Nintendo to build the console.

According to Forget The Box, the parts found in the Wii U will cost Nintendo around $180. More surprisingly, the controller itself takes up a large chunk of that cost, coming in at around $50. Nintendo will of course want a healthy markup on that number, not to mention the costs that are associated with development, packaging, marketing, among other things. All in all, the console isn't expected to cost less than $300 at retail.

Sources say that Nintendo want to cut production costs as much as possible in order to maximize profit (shocker!). They hope the move will re-build confidence with investors, hoping they see the console as a "less risky proposition." Right now Nintendo's stock price is at a seven year low, so it's to be expected that the company is looking for ways to get its groove back.

Nintendo is expected to show off the finished version of the WIi U at this years E3. Previous rumors have suggested that Nintendo aims to launch the console during the 2012 holiday season, so we might also be seeing pricing and availability details at E3.

[via Kotaku]