Xbox 720 tipped for dual GPUs: may require always-on internet

It was only a few days ago that we learnt of the rumors that the PlayStation Orbis and Xbox 720 would both attempt to kill the used game market, locking purchased games to your specific account. Other details surrounding the Orbis also emerged, including potential specs, and now the same has happened with the Xbox 720. Some old rumors crop up again, and there are some new ones to boot.

According to VG247, Microsoft has indicated to select software partners that they aim to launch the next-generation Xbox by Christmas 2013. Previously we heard the Xbox 720 would have a Blu-ray drive, with another rumor dismissing the idea, saying the console wouldn't have an optical drive at all. VG247 believe that the console will indeed have a Blu-ray drive.

VG247 also learned that the console would have two GPUs. It's unknown what company will be providing the GPUs, but the solution is said not to be like Crossfire or SLI. Instead, the GPUs will be able to render separate items simultaneously, independent of each other. The console will feature either a four- or six-core CPU, with one core being reserved for Kinect, and the other for the underlying OS.

The bad news? The Xbox 720 will supposedly require an always-on internet connection as an anti-piracy measure. We can't imagine that going down well with consumers at all, although some may be willing to make that concession depending on the quality of content. There's no word on if the controversial "anti-used games system" will be in effect.

[via Gizmodo UK]