Wii U GamePad Hacked To Stream PC Games, NVIDIA SHIELD Up Next

Hackers have taken a liking to the idea of streaming games from their PC to their handheld devices over the past couple of years, this bit of interest sparked greatly by the coming of NVIDIA SHIELD. This week a couple of developers on the hacking side of the bar have shown off a bit of game streaming functionality with the Wii U GamePad. While this device was created to work with Wii U games, these fellows have successfully reverse engineered the machine to stream PC games too.

You'll find that the demonstration is really rather simple. All you've got to do is tap in to the video data from the PC and tie the controls to the system separately. In fact this demonstration takes the whole process a step further, emulating the Zelda game Windwalker through an emulator app on a PC rather than just playing a standard PC game.

ABOVE: You'll want to fast-forward to the 46:00 minute mark to see the start of the whole process.

The current setup allows very basic functionally and is not ready for the public. On the to-do list for the creators of this project is the ability to work with Windows and OS X, working with an Android port, and streaming over the internet. Similar functionality works within NVIDIA SHIELD right now.

Suggesting more than once that NVIDIA SHIELD was their inspiration, they've also suggested that they're in the process of turning a SHIELD unit into a GamePad for the Nintendo Wii U. We'd like to see the same thing done with the PS4 and the functionality included in the PS Vita, but we shall see!

VIA: 30c3Talk, GameSpot