Nintendo Wii U GamePad delay only 1/60 of a second

Because of the high-definition graphics of the Wii U and the 854×480 resolution of the Wii U GamePad's screen, a lot of people have been guessing that the lag time would be incredibly high. However, Ubisoft's Rayman Legends developer Michel Ancel has confirmed that the GamePad's screen only has a delay of 1/60 of a second.

This means that the Wii U GamePad receives the image on its screen one frame later than the TV receives its image. This may seem like a huge deal and would put some players at a disadvantage, but one frame is obviously only a split second and most gamers won't be able to tell the difference. The human eye usually can't detect anything over 60 frames per second anyway.

Ancel also called the Wii U GamePad "quite a bit more advanced than people think." He mentioned that the technology used is quite impressive, and other console makers like Microsoft and Sony would have to work fairly hard to get to this level of responsiveness out of a controller. Whether that's true or not, we'll have to wait and see what these companies come up with.

Nintendo's Wii U is officially launching on November 18, and early adopters will have 23 games to choose from right on launch day, including Call of Duty: Black Ops II, New Super Mario Bros., and Transformers Prime. Pricing for the console will start at $299 for the Basic bundle and $349 for the Deluxe set.

[via Ars Technica]