Wii 2: What’ll it be? Roundup time!

Chris Burns - Apr 15, 2011
Wii 2: What’ll it be? Roundup time!

It’s been nearly five full years since Nintendo released the gaming system that busted a thousand television sets and set millions of hearts on fire with the desire to play video games with their arms instead of their thumbs. Now we’re well on our way to a second iteration of this massively successful gaming system, and it’s looking like it’s going to be landing by June! And what’ll it be? Certainly not glasses-free 3D, that’s for sure.

The June bit comes from the big bossman over at EA who recently hinted that the console would be dropping at E3 this year (in June.) He noted that the Wii is a “legacy platform” and that the company will be “coming back with a second act.” They’d better! At least our resident outspoken tech analyst Don Reisinger certainly thinks so.

What we’re hoping to see is bright lights and fantastic action of course, perhaps something along the lines of what an ingenuitive young man made happen a few months ago for Call of Duty – a Kinect hacked to work with Wii controllers for a fabulous first-person shooter extravaganza! Then there’s another Wiimote controlled masterpiece that again shows the controller to actually be the star here: Nokia Big Screen turns N8 into a Wiimote-controlled media center.

Then again, perhaps its the price? Back in December of 2010, our friend the bossman at EA suggested that Nintendo needed to create a $99 Wii with 3rd-party gaming. Did he have some insight? One of the least likely outcomes, if I do say so myself, and this is my own opinion, is that the controller, it’s rumored, will have a six-inch touchscreen, a front-facing camera, D-Pad, two bumpers, two triggers, and “possibly more.” CVG mocked the following up based on that idea:

There’s been rumors of helmets, full body suits, projectors, credit card scanners, and all manner of customizable options. What do you think? What are you hoping for?

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