Geek hacks Kinect to work with Wii controllers for Call of Duty action

We have seen all sorts of hacks for the Kinect since the motion tracking gesture controller launched for the Xbox 360. The thing is really cool and has turned out to be quite the hackable little device for people to take and use for all sorts of things. So far, most of those hacks haven't been anything that I am interested in.

A geek going by Demize2010 over on YouTube has posted up a video of him using the Kinect with the Wii nunchuck and remote for playing some Call of Duty. The movement of the player is controlled with the normal Wii motion controls with the Kinect picking up the gestures to control other things.

Now for the part that will really blow your geeky little mind, the version of Call of Duty the dude is playing is running on the PC. He hacked the Wii controllers to work for motion, aiming, and shooting and the Kinect to do things like lean and others. Talk about a geeky mashup of gaming goodness.

Via PC World