Wi-Fi Sync gets speed demo, optionally disables iTunes backup [Video]

Chris Davies - Apr 28, 2010
Wi-Fi Sync gets speed demo, optionally disables iTunes backup [Video]

After the positive reaction to the first demo video of Wi-Fi Sync – which promises to cut the cable between your iPhone, iPod or iPad and iTunes – app author Greg Hughes is back with a new video that demonstrates what sort of speed you can expect.  Obviously synchronizing over WiFi is going to be slower than via USB, but as the video shows, transferring a few new music tracks isn’t an especially arduous task.

Video demo after the cut

Greg has also added in an option to disable the initial device backup when synchronising over WiFi, so as to further reduce the time it takes.  Although WiFi is slower, we’re guessing that people will sync their devices more frequently if they don’t need to be physically connected to their computers; that will cut down on huge sync chores, with things being done piecemeal instead.

Of course, all this depends on whether Apple approve Wi-Fi Sync for the App Store, and so far opinion is mixed as to whether that will happen.  Greg has submitted it and is waiting to hear back, but previously Apple have shown themselves reluctant to green-light apps that hook into iTunes in this manner.

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