Wi-Fi Sync cuts the iTunes cord [Video]

We'd ask Steve Jobs what he thinks about Wi-Fi Sync – a new app that promises to cut the cord between iTunes and your iPhone/iPod/iPad with synchronizing over WiFi – and whether he'd approve it for the App Store, but we've a horrible feeling that the answer would be a short, sharp "nope".  That's a shame, since it answers one of the most common criticisms of the platform.

Video demo after the cut

Basically, the first time you run the app, it asks you to authenticate your computer and whatever iPhone OS device it is you want to hook up.  Subsequently, the two devices can reconnect automatically, and while you won't get the speed benefit of USB 2.0, we reckon most people would readily sacrifice that for the convenience.

As I said in my iPad review last week, one of the frustrations of having a US iPad in the UK is that the on-device App Store isn't currently open for business; instead I have to download apps via iTunes on the desktop and sync them over.  That means a whole lot of plugging in and unplugging; please, Apple, let this app one through!

[via TechCrunch]