White iPhone 4 Thicker Than The Black iPhone 4

The white iPhone 4 officially went on sale today and we had a lovely hands-on time with it this morning. We even went as far as snapping a shot of it next to a Samsung Galaxy S II. The new color on the iPhone 4 certainly makes it look bright and fresh, but more and more folks are noticing that the white color also makes the iPhone look fat.

Apple struggled with the white iPhone 4 production, explaining that the delay was due to the affect of the color on the internal components. The white color filtered light differently from the black, requiring them to devise a way to protect the internal parts from sunlight. Could their solution to the problem be what's causing the white iPhone 4 to look just a tad thicker than the black one?

The white iPhone 4 appears to be almost 1mm thicker than the black iPhone 4. That doesn't seem like a huge deal, except when it comes to fitting into certain cases and accessories.

"Just picked up the white iPhone 4 and realized it doesn't fit into my Incase slider case. It appears that Apple has increased the size of the plastic that borders the glass on both sides by about 1mm," said one customer. Ryan Cash of Marketcircle felt the same way when he compared his colleague's new 16GB iPhone 4 in white with his 32GB black version, and offered up several close up comparison photos.

However, Apple has not mentioned anything about the change in thickness and has listed both versions with the exact same specs. Have you picked up a white iPhone 4 and noticed this difference? If so, have you had trouble fitting it into a standard iPhone 4 case?

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