White iPad 2 latest leak ahead of Wednesday reveal

With Apple's iPad 2 event this coming Wednesday, the rumor machine is building up to its usual hype crescendo. Freshly skimmed from the tittle-tattle-tubes this morning are some leaked images, one claiming to be of a white iPad 2 screen digitizer, and another demanding to be taken seriously as an official iPad 2 render.9 to 5 Mac's Shenzhen component sources are responsible for the digitizer, with a clearly visible hole at the top of the bezel for the expected webcam. You can just make out the much smaller ambient light sensor in the shot of the reverse side of the bezel in the gallery below; it's just above the FaceTime camera hole.

As for the render, BGR's source reckons this flat-backed slate is the official handiwork of Apple's Photoshop wizards, though of course it could also be a fan-made mockup. It shows the same top-corner positioning of the rear facing camera as we've seen suggested in leaked iPad 2 cases.

We won't know for sure until Apple announces the iPad 2 and all the luscious details come Wednesday March 2. SlashGear will be there, so join us Wednesday morning for the news as it happens!