Super Mario Run release is live!

Super Mario Run will be released today, December 15th, 2016, at around 1:30 PM Central Time for both iPhone and iPad. This information may turn out to be off by a few minutes, depending on how close to the wire last-minute preparations go – glitches might also happen, but they probably wont. This is for the iOS version of Super Mario Run, and while iPhone and iPad may be first, Android won't be far behind.

The Super Mario Run Android edition will need to come at the crest of success for iOS if Nintendo wants to make bank. If "when does Super Mario Run come out" was the only question people were asking today, it'd be a different story. But "where is Super Mario Run on Android" isn't a question that'll be disappearing any time soon.

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Those wondering where Super Mario Run is now, as far as development goes, we've only been told that it's "on schedule." Nintendo is being extremely mysterious about this process, very likely due to their deal with Apple to release Super Mario Run on iPhone and iPad first. Those seeking to download the game on iOS can find it on the iTunes App Store right now.

Users reading this article before 11:30 AM Pacific Time will have to wait for the download to become available. This is 2:30PM Eastern Time – just after lunch. Make sure you've fed yourself plenty of carbs to make way for the hours and hours of game time that lie ahead.

UPDATE: A slight delay past our original call for noon seems to be in order. Cross your fingers for a quick turnaround.

UPDATE 2: Super Mario Run is now out and ready to be downloaded for iPhone and iPad – go for it.

Above is an example of some Super Mario Run gameplay. This isn't the sort of game we're going to be playing whilst driving a vehicle, but it IS the sort of game that'll be easy to play during a short break from work. Will it equal the success of the year's biggest game so far though, is our question.

How can a game that's dedicated to one-player gaming on a smartphone compete with a game that's meant to be played all around the world with GPS locating and real-world walking and seeking? It's difficult to imagine how Super Mario Run would find any long-term footing against a mega-hit like Pokemon GO, but we shall see!