WhatsApp update finally lets you bulk delete

The latest update to WhatsApp allows the user to bulk delete their content. This system has a "new and improved way to manage storage on the app," as it were, allowing users to "easily identify, select, and bulk delete content that may be filling their phone." This update should be available for all users on iOS and Android this week, so long as they've downloaded the latest version of the app.

If you're looking for the latest version of WhatsApp, head to your device's app store and search "WhatsApp". Find the official app and tap the "update" button. If it's already updated, head to the app and go to Settings – Storage and Data – Manage Storage.

This newest update to WhatsApp also "buckets" two sorts of data for ease of use. One bucket shows "Larger than 5MB" files. You'll see the total amount of data your massive files take up on your device, and you'll have a simple portal button to click in and manage.

The Samsis true of files that've been "Forwarded many times." This bucket also has a portal link to the full lot, showing the amount of data said files have taken up on your smartphone or tablet.

This update also allows you to see file size for individual chats, and to see a preview of media before selecting those items you'd like to delete. Basically the whole update is a pathway to deleting content. Maybe this is a good time to just leave WhatsApp altogether instead?

In any case, now might be the ideal time to turn off the DOOM notifications as it's election week in the USA. Better to do your own research than to see the HYPE forwards that'll affect your vote if you've not already dropped in to the polls. Or just mute chat forever because it's Facebook all over again.