What is "Today at Apple"?

Apple's newest plan to reinvigorate their customer community is a program called "Today at Apple". It's not a software program, but a sort of "modern-day down square" held at Apple Stores. In an expansion of the already-active events that take place on a smaller scale, Teaching sessions, interactive experiences, and demonstrations are set to be held at every single Apple Store in the world, starting in May of 2017.

Apple announced plans for Today at Apple in collaboration with "world-class artists, photographers, and musicians." In "select cities" there'll be "world-class" teachers, while every single one of Apple's 495 official Apple Stores will have (at least) a set of "highly-trained team members" leading sessions. These sessions will be varied in major ways from one another.

Apple suggested today that their sessions would include everything from professional-level programs down to simple how-to lessons. This is not the first time such presentations have been made, of course – many Apple stores have had classes and small talk sessions in the past. This is the first time Apple's been set to make such a big push for sessions like these at Apple Stores worldwide, all at once.

Which Teachers?

Apple suggested today that sessions in Today at Apple would be taught by a wide variety of experts. "Many sessions will be taught by new Creative Pros, the liberal arts equivalent of Apple's technical Geniuses," said an Apple representative. "Each Creative Pro is an expert in one or more areas of the arts, highly trained to pass along their knowledge to Apple users of all levels."

Creative professionals included in the preview photos above and below include artist Adrian Johnson, designer and artist Jessica Hische, and hip-hop producer RZA. These more well-known artists and creative professionals will appear in select cities – the RZA, for example, here is teaching an "Art of Beatmaking" session at an Apple Store in Brooklyn.

What Sessions?

Apple users will be able to attend each of the following sorts of sessions in addition to unique offerings through Today at Apple:

• Perspectives and Performances: influential artists and musicians

• Pro Series: Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X

• Photo Labs: New techniques, hands-on sessions

• Music Labs: New tools, genres, and beats

• Photo Walks: Similar to/part of Photo Labs, framing architecture, capturing action on video, other subject matter

• Sketch Walks: iPad Pro, observational drawings, techniques

• Coding sessions: Swift Playgrounds, coding concepts

• Kids Hour: coding with Sphero, Music with Garage Band, Making Movies Together with iMovie.

Wrap-up and Timing

The Today at Apple program will launch starting in May of 2017. To see which programs will be launching at our local store, we'll check in on store-specific Forum Displays. Sessions will be taking place in every Apple Store around the world.