Wear OS update today: 5 reasons to be excited

Today Wear OS was updated for all Android devices able to run the software. With this newest version of Wear OS, the wearable (mostly watch-based) software becomes more proactive – quite literally with a feature Google calls "proactive and personalized help". It's also the most health-conscious version of Wear OS, as it provides insight into your activities with Google Fit.

5. Smarter Google Fit

Much like the newest Samsung smartwatch (Samsung Galaxy Watch), the newest iteration of Wear OS is more proactive in its health consciousness. It gives tips to the wearer without any extra input or unnecessary setup time right out the box. Swipe left to start a workout – and to see how well you're doing on any goals you might've set.

4. New Notifications System

This update brings "easier access to notifications." That includes browsing and dismissing, too. Swipe down to get shortcuts, swipe up to see all notifications. Tap a message to respond with a pre-written reply.

3. Trip Assistance

Google Assistant can help you, the wearer, make your next out-of-town trip easy. Swiping right on the watch brings up flight status and/or hotel reservations – assuming you've got Google Assistant attached to your email and Google Calendar. Wear OS also has suggestions based on every notification and update – this includes finding restaurants near you or information on the location in which you're currently waiting for your airplane or taxi.

2. Reminders

The newest iteration of Google Assistant in Wear OS is better at knowing what you're about to do. For your average day, this means reminding you you've got a meeting coming up, or that you might have to prepare for inclement weather. It'll also remind you that a package is coming today – so you might want to stick around to accept it personally.

1. Growth and Change

With its newly expansive proactive nature, Wear OS will suggest things you might do, remind you of things you're going to do, and it'll give you info on places at which you're currently chilling. Google Assistant works inside and outside of your Wear OS device to "become more helpful over time as it gets to know you as [Google] adds new features."

0. How to get this update

To get this update, take a peek at your (powered on) Wear OS device. Head to Settings. Inside Settings, find System, and tap it. Find About, tap About, and scroll all the way down to System Updates. Tap in and check if there's an update – if not, just wait!