Watch This Unreal Engine 4 Rendering Look Entirely Lifelike

It looks real. The computer-generated rendering you're about to see looks like a real life video tour of architecture, complete with lights and far-off greenery. This comes courtesy of French developer koola, making use of Intel and NVIDIA processors as well as Unreal Engine 4.

The rendering you're seeing here first features music from Fabrizio Paterlini by the name of "Untitled (Lost Letters)". The hardware is an unbelievable NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 paired with an Intel i7-3770. And it's all running between 50-60fps throughout the demonstration.

For the lay person: This is a computer-generated set of scenes that's made to look entirely realistic. It's running on a graphics card from two years ago – one that's been described as "Kepler on a budget". In other words: not the highest-end processors in the universe.

UPDATE Aug/22: Another creation by the same master: Koola. This one has rain. Glorious, glorious rain.

Below you'll see another scene from the same developer. This shows more outdoors action with trees and a massive "granite" cube. Rendered with the same hardware, as well.

At this point you should be sensing a theme. The following scene is also rendered with the same hardware by the same developer.

This final scene shows off a school room – same hardware, same software. Imagine the possibilities when Unreal Engine 4 (the base software for these demonstrations) is used for high-end gaming – or even 3D walkthroughs of architecture like this?

Think about how excellent it'll be to put a virtual reality headset on and walk through a museum virtually. It'll look so real, you won't want to leave!

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UPDATE: This article originally mistakenly credited game designer Adrián Fuentes for this work – instead it was his share that brought us to it. Check him out as well!