Watch Ghostbusters World gameplay via Google Maps at GDC

Ghostbusters World is one of several games launched in collaboration with Google Maps API. Much like Pokemon GO, gamers use their phone to navigate the real world, watching their in-game character traverse an alternate reality according to their real-world GPS location. Today we've got some real-deal gameplay in pre-alpha mode courtesy of the folks behind the game Ghostbusters World.

When we first saw bits and pieces of the game Ghostbusters World and that of Jurassic World Alive, we thought they looked a little familiar. Now we know that there's a good reason for that – they're part of Google's plan to take over the entire world with GPS location-based games the likes of which have only otherwise been released successfully in Pokemon GO. Now we're seeing some of the elements that make Ghostbusters World a whole lot different.

Below you'll see an announcement video released this month as well. This action will be part of the Game Developers Conference 2018, and it'll be part of Google's big push for developers to take part in the release of Google Maps API release.

This game is like Pokemon GO, but with the addition of a bit of a battle before the capture. That's what very well SHOULD be going on before a Pokemon capture, but Niantic's not quite gotten there just yet. Stay tuned as we kick up more dust on the release of this game and the rest of the Google Maps games in the near future.

ALSO take heed – the folks behind this game are planning on revealing tidbits via their Twitter and Facebook pages. More like what you see above should be released in the coming hours, days, and weeks. Cross your fingers for more possessed appliances – or at least some tidbit of the beast, ZUUL, which comes before Gozer, in egg form, or in the fridge of the Gatekeeper!