Walmart onn Android TV stick seems like a bargain, but is it?

The Walmart Onn Android TV stick leaked today with a price that seems to undercut all rivals. The device is one of two, the other (also with Walmart "onn." branding) costs slightly more and has significantly higher image resolution output. This device appears to herald the release of a collection of similar devices, all with essentially the same remote control design, coming with Android TV software here in 2021.

Don't believe the hype – not when we get down to a price of around $25 USD. That's effectively the same price as the cheapest Amazon Fire TV Stick (Fire TV Stick Lite), and the Roku Express. They all offer very similar functionality and access to most/all of the top-tier streaming services like Netflix and Disney+ and so forth.

The Walmart "onn. Android TV UHD Streaming Device" will cost you $29.88 USD. That's a clear shot at the very, very comparable competition. If you look at the Anker Nebula you'll see a device that basically does the same thing as what Walmart promises with their "onn." Android TV devices.

What to buy

If you're looking for an inexpensive Android TV device this year, pay attention to the brand – buy a brand you trust. Make sure you understand the capabilities of the device, particularly the image output size. The $25 devices will most likely max out at 1080p (Full HD, or FHD), while the $30+ devices will likely reach up to 4k, or UHD.

If you want any sort of features beyond the basics, look to the Chromecast with Google TV (for around $50), or an NVIDIA SHIELD. The NVIDIA SHIELD is a dedicated smart TV machine that's powerful enough to play games and stream games as well as every one of the major streaming services, including Apple TV+, HBO Max, and so forth.