Wallet MID gets closer to release, US launch possible

Looking strikingly like the mysterious Android MID we've been seeing so much of lately, this is actually eviGroup's upcoming Wallet MID.  First tipped back in May and promised for a launch by the end of 2009, the touchscreen handheld has been described by the French company's CEO as a "unit halfway between a cellphone and a TabletPC with a 5-inch screen", though right now it's unknown whether it uses an Intel x86 CPU with Windows OS or a frugal ARM chipset with 7+ hours runtime and custom OS.

Within the past few days the eviGroup CEO has twittered about the existence of a v2 prototype, of which the above image is believed to be a render.  No definite specifications – beyond the touchscreen, rear-facing camera, GPS and user-customizable internal storage – are known, and the teaser site is singularly devoid of detail.

While eviGroup is a French firm, the presence of the FCC logo on the back of the render does suggest that the Wallet MID may see a release in the US.  Back in May a price tag under €200 ($286) was tipped, though there's no word on whether that has held true.  Could this be the identity of the mysterious MID that keeps turning up?  If the price pans out, and the specifications offer a decent mixture of battery life and capabilities, this may be one worth waiting for.