Volkswagen Golf GTI BBS Concept pays homage to the Mk2 GTI

Volkswagen has unveiled a new production-based concept that harks back to the original Mk2 Golf GTI. Working with Philadelphia-based VW enthusiast Jamie Orr, the Golf GTI BBS Concept's biggest draw is its wheels. It has BBS 19x9 Super RS rims with the waffle and hex pattern we all drool about, and it fits the Mk8 Golf GTI quite well.

"We wanted to maintain the soul of the Mk8, so we went with more traditional modifications," said Jamie Orr. "But we left the interior, body, and powertrain exactly as it came from the factory." Those marvelous 19-inch BBS Wheels are wrapped in Delinte 235/35/19 D7 high-performance tires that offer more grip and stability than stock.

Jamie Orr and VW are no strangers to production-based concepts, and all of their creations are packing some delectable rims. The VW Tiguan SE R-Line Black RiNo concept arrived last April with 20-inch Rotiform OZR wheels, while the VW Atlas Cross Sport GT Concept debuted last July, brandishing a nifty set of 22-inch ABT Sport HR aero wheels.

But for the Golf GTI BBS Concept, only BBS wheels will do. Of course, no VW and Jamie Orr creation is complete without a lowered stance. "We started with a set of coilovers that H&R makes for the Mk8," added Orr. In addition, the rear coilovers are stock, while the front is modified to add more camber adjustment, giving the concept a more aggressive, race-ready stance.

Other neat touches include BBS retro livery with red and black vintage pinstriping, a set of striking yellow fog lights, and a new Borla exhaust system. Under the hood, the concept has the same turbocharged and direct-injected 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine as a roadgoing Mk8 Golf GTI, pumping out 241 horsepower and 273 pound-feet of torque.

The concept also has a torque-sensing limited-slip VAQ front differential to improve cornering and handling. The Mk8 Golf GTI (and the Mk8 Golf in general) has its fair share of critics, but all it needed is a set of retro BBS wheels to bring back the lost magic. Maybe VW and Jamie Orr can dress up a Golf R AWD next?