Vista Gadgets slip off the desktop and into Windows Mobile

We've seen that you'll be able to use certain WM6 handhelds as Vista SideShow displays, but what if you're wanting to take some of that shiny new OS hotness away with you?  Well, it's just a proof of concept at the moment, but Mel Sampat of the Windows Mobile team has managed to bring entirely untweaked Vista Gadgets onto his handheld.

Mel has made a video of his achievement, and although there are no current plans to include the functionality in a release update for the OS it certainly demonstrates the growing capability of the WM environment.  As Derek Snyder points out, considering all the fawning press the iPhone has had over running OS X maybe it's time for Microsoft – or its band of third-party developers – to do some shouting about its own strengths.

Channel 10 [via moGadget]