VISA pushing NFC, webserver-SIMs & more for mobile money [Video]

VISA hate carrying cash and they reckon you do too, and so they're shouting about their new wireless payment systems.  Recombu caught up with the company in Paris to look at three different ways of managing payments, ranging from a straightforward on-device app, wireless payments using NFC (near-field communications), and even a VISA app embedded into a SIM with its own mini-webserver.Video demo after the cut

The benefit of the embedded SIM solution is that you can flip between handsets but still have access to your mobile payment system.  The SIM itself basically offers a miniature, platform-independent webserver, which shows up on your cellphone in the same way that basic operator menus do now.

The VISA on-device app should be showing up over the next year, but we'll have to wait a little longer for the embedded SIM; the company says that's likely more than two years away down the pipeline.  As for NFC devices, while there are certainly handsets using the technology available – Nokia are pushing a few out, in collaboration with their own Nokia Money service – we'll need to see more of a tipping point before tapping your handset becomes the regular way to pay.