Vine Vanity URLs Go Live For Twitter VIPs

Vine has launched vanity URLs for its new web-profiles, allowing at least some users of the short video sharing service to reserve their own personal addresses. Confirmed as incoming yesterday, registrations for the custom URLs are now being accepted, though you'll need to be an existing Vine user and a Twitter VIP if you want to snag one initially.

That's because Vine is only allowing those who have both been a registered user for thirty days or more, and who have posted at least two Vines, to be among the first wave of vanity URL users. Everybody else will have to wait until Vine loosens its grip on them.

Even then, today only those with verified Twitter accounts can grab an URL today on Vine; they'll have a pre-suggested name matching their existing Twitter handle. Everybody else will have to wait until Monday, December 23rd when general registration opens up, though since there won't be any pre-suggestions it will be a first-come, first-serve arrangement.

Once registered, the profile page will pull together all of the publicly shared Vines from each user, though not allow new videos to be shared through the web. That will still be handled by the app itself.

While many were initially skeptical of the idea of Vine, questioning whether Twitter users would really jump at the idea of sharing six-second long video clips with each other, the app was a surprise hit. As well as jumping to the top spot for free iOS apps at one point, it spawned a Facebook-made rival integrated into Instagram.

Most recently, Vine updated with video editing tools, as well as the ability to save Vines-in-progress so that they could be finished up later. The ability to modify Vines that have been recorded but not published was also added.