Vine Vanity URL Signups Begin December 20

The number of people out there that use the Vine 6-second video service is booming. Last August the number of people using Vine reached over 40 million. Vine has also been steadily updating the service to make it more usable and appealing to users. One of those updates was the addition of video editing.

Vine is making another change to its service that will make telling people how to find you on Vine easier. Starting on December 20 users of Vine with verified accounts will be able to sign up for vanity URLs. All other users of the Vine service will be able to get a vanity URL starting on December 23.

The official announcement that vanity URLs are coming came courtesy of Twitter this week. The vanity addresses will be in the form of When users log into their account, a page is available giving instructions on how to register for the profile URL.

Twitter has noted that it will be reserving profile URLs that mirror verified Twitter @usernames. That should help take away some of the urgency and anxiety that go along with possibly not getting the URL that matches your twitter handle, assuming you are verified.

SOURCE: TheNextWeb