Vine messages takes on Instagram Direct

Vine has added Vine messages to its video sharing app, allowing users to send private video clips to their friends in a similar way to Instagram Direct. The new feature allows for video and text message sharing with both Vine and non-Vine users, while the app update also includes color options for individual Vine profiles.

Vine splits its new messages inbox into two sections, one for "Friends" – i.e. those who are on your friends list, whether because you follow them on Vine, through Twitter, or because their number is in your address book – and another for "Other" or people outside of the your network.

Since any sort of private messaging system of this sort can be misused, including sending unsolicited and potentially offensive content, there's the option to turn off messaging support for non-friends. It's also possible to block specific people.

Vine message conversations are one-to-one, so while an individual message can be sent to more than one person simultaneously, each recipient will only be able to see their own comments in the ensuing conversation.

Facebook-owned Instagram launched its own private messaging service last December, Instagram Direct, widely seen as a response – albeit slightly different – to Snapchat, a long-standing hold-out from Mark Zuckerberg's acquisition intentions. The new Vine app is available on iOS and Android now.