Viliv X70 preorders today; video review & teardown

Viliv's X70 UMPC goes on sale today through importer Dynamism, and as we've already reported there's a clutch of goodies for the first 777 buyers.  Priced from $599, the X70 has a choice of 1.2GHz or 1.3GHz Intel Atom processors and SSD storage from 16GB; we've already seen one very positive review; now jkkmobile has put up his own video review of the X70 Premium 3G, the HSPA-equipped version of the 7-inch touchscreen device.Video review of Viliv X70 after the cut

Being the avid upgrader that his is, jkkmobile didn't stop at unboxing and demonstrating the X70 but instead got out the screwdrivers and stripped it down to the bare essentials.  He found that the RAM – 1GB across the board – is soldered down, and that the SSD uses a mini Zif connector meaning that, on the 3G models at least, there's no room for a replacement 1.8-inch SSD.

Still, out of the box it's apparently a great little handheld, offering lengthy battery life and a very usable custom UI of Viliv's own making.  There's also the benefit of Windows XP underneath (though Windows 7 works too), meaning that the X70 is far more flexible than something like the cheaper CrunchPad.