Viliv S5 Premium Air Ready MID makes 3G WWAN upgrades easy

Chris Davies - May 27, 2009, 2:56 am CDT
Viliv S5 Premium Air Ready MID makes 3G WWAN upgrades easy

Viliv have added a new model to their S5 MID range, in the shape of the S5 Premium Air Ready.  Unlike the existing Premium Air, the new model will not include a 3G modem, however it will have the required PCI-e slot and SIM card reader already in place; that will make adding the best HSDPA/EVDO modem card for your location straightforward.

The new model seems to be a response by Viliv to those users who want an S5 with the SSD (as came as standard in the S5 Premium Air) but would either prefer not to have integrated 3G or would rather use their own WWAN card.  US importers, for instance, have been selling the S5 Premium, lacking 3G, which requires no small amount of modding in order to add HSDPA. 

Other tweaks include a new haptic keyboard and Chinese handwriting input, software features we’d expect to see rolled out as a firmware upgrade across the full MID range.  The Viliv S5 Premium Air Ready will go on sale in China in around six months time; there’s no word on pricing, nor whether it will be officially sold in the US or Europe.

[via UMPC Fever]

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