Viliv S5 Premium Air 3G SSD MID gets video review

Chris Davies - May 7, 2009, 2:18 am CDT
Viliv S5 Premium Air 3G SSD MID gets video review

Viliv’s S5 Premium MID has already performed well in reviews, but the two things missing have always been integrated 3G and an SSD option.  Viliv has catered for just those demands with the S5 Premium Air, packing the same 1.33GHz Intel Atom CPU and 1GB of RAM, but pairing them with a 16GB SSD and Huawei’s EM770  HSPA module; we’ve seen the video unboxing, now jkkmobile offers his full video review.

Viliv S5 Premium Air video review after the cut

The S5’s on-screen keyboard gets the same criticism as last time, and there’s still no integrated webcam, but 3G only makes it a better mobile web access device and the battery life is still impressive.  We’re waiting to see the full benchmark results from the SSD, but even the HDD version was relatively speedy.

Media playback is decent for local files though not so impressive for online HD clips.  As a GPS, media consumption or internet access device it still stands out from the crowd, and if Viliv can bring it out with a roughly $599 tag as is mentioned in the video, this could be the MID to have.

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