Viliv S5 MID 3G-version gets video unboxing

After the last unboxing video, it's something of a relief that this Viliv S5 unboxing doesn't end up with the MID disappearing down someone's trousers.  It's frustrating in another way, though: it shows the 3G version of the S5, whereas the April 27th pre-sales will only offer the non-3G model.Unboxing video after the cut

It's a pretty big distinction, too, as we've already seen that adding internal 3G to the Viliv is a harder task than on many other MIDs.  Sadly there's no word on when Viliv might be officially offering the 3G S5; the unit getting unboxed has the Huawei EM770, which lacks the WCDMA 900 band.

Otherwise, the Viliv S5 has a 4.8-inch touchscreen with haptic feedback, an on-screen keyboard (which unfortunately doesn't re-format itself with screen rotation, and as such you lose half of it when you flip into portrait orientation) and both WiFi and Bluetooth.  For a "day in the life" with the Viliv S5 Premium, check out this jkOnTheRun piece.