Viliv S5 pre-orders begin today; Intel video demo

We can't get enough of the Viliv S5, and we know a lot of you feel the same way, so it seemed sensible to remind SlashGear readers that importer Dynamism's pre-sales for the 4.8-inch touchscreen MID kick off today at 1pm EST.  If you're undecided whether $599 is a reasonable amount to spend on an Atom-powered ultraportable with WiFi and Bluetooth, Intel's own Michael Brito has shot a demo video espousing the S5's virtues.Video demo of the Viliv S5 after the cut

Michael calls this an "Un-Geek" presentation of the S5, with the on-screen keyboard and iTunes among the apps demonstrated.  TweetDeck also gets some screen time, and while you could argue that Twitter isn't completely mainstream yet, the sight of multiple columns running slickly on super-compact form-factor should be enough to tempt most people in.

Dynamism are offering $135-worth of accessories – amounting to a spare battery, a car kit and a leather pouch – to those who pre-order early.  Anybody reading this planning to do just that?  More on the Viliv S5 MID here.

[via UMPC Portal]