Viliv S5 pre-order swamps servers; second chance promised

Chris Davies - Apr 29, 2009, 2:57am CDT

Viliv’s S5 is causing more trouble, this time for importers Dynamism.  After selling out in Korea and Hong Kong in record time, the coveted MID has now left many would-be pre-order customers in the US with a sour taste: demand for the 4.8-inch touchscreen device brought Dynamism’s servers to their knees, leading to slow- or non-loading pages and a general inability to snatch up one of the limited numbers of S5s on Monday.


“Thank you to everyone who ordered, or attempted to order, during our Viliv S5 promotional event. We anticipated high demand, but our server was simply unable to handle the huge number of simultaneous requests for the same single SKU. The result was an unacceptably slow, unreliable, and frustrating shopping experience for all. We would like to extend our apologies to all users of the site on April 27, especially those who tried to access or order between 1-3pm Eastern, when our server was hit hardest” Dynamism statement

Dynamism’s server-shortcomings may be some buyers’ gain, however, as the fiasco has prompted them to offer a further 400 pre-order units with the same bundled accessory package.  Worth $135, this consists of a leather case, second battery and car kit.

The second batch of pre-order Viliv S5 units will go on sale on Thursday May 14th, from 1pm EST, and be shipped out after the importer’s second delivery comes in; that’s expected on May 22nd.  They’re also promising to upgrade their servers before then, to better cope with demand. 

Did you try to order an S5?  Have trouble, or are you now watching the calendar waiting for your toy to arrive?  Let us know in the comments.

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