ViewSonic VPD31 3D convertor adds dimensions to your projector

ViewSonic has outed a new 3D processing box that promises to make content from Blu-ray, TV and the PS3 playable on its 3D DLP projectors. The ViewSonic VPD31 processor – coupled with the PDG-250 3D glasses – has a pair of HDMI v1.4a inputs and one HDMI v1.3 output to hook up to the company's 3D ready DLP Link 3D/120Hz projectors.

The glasses too have had an update, with battery life boosted to 44hrs and recharging via a standard miniUSB port on the underside. They also boost effective range to 12m, and have shed some grams in weight, too.

The ViewSonic VPD31 is priced at £299 ($483). For more on 3D, check out the SlashGear 101: What is 3D TV? feature from this weekend.

Press Release:

ViewSonic delivers advanced 3D multimedia home entertainment solution

London, UK – 4 April 2011 – ViewSonic Europe Ltd, a global provider of computing, electronics and communications solutions, has today announced the availability of its latest 3D home entertainment solution, designed to convert 3D video content, including 3D TV, 3D Blu-ray movies and 3D PlayStation 3 gaming – so it can be displayed via ViewSonic's 3D ready DLP projector range. The combined capabilities of the VPD31 processor box and PDG-250 3D glasses will offer users an enhanced 3D viewer experience that also delivers advanced 3D gaming.

The VPD31 is compatible with ViewSonic's range of 3D ready DLP Link 3D/120Hz projectors and features dual HDMI v1.4a inputs and one HDMI v1.3 output to enable a scalable 3D projection without losing visual quality. To further enhance this 3D experience, ViewSonic's second generation PGD-250 3D glasses have been designed to be more stylish, foldable and light weight compared to other options on the market. With good resistance against ambient light interference and a long effective distance of 12 metres, the glasses also feature 44 hours of continuous use battery life and are rechargeable via mini USB port on the arm of the glasses.

Trevor Holt, European Product Manager – Projectors, ViewSonic Europe, commented: "After a slow start in 2010, Ovum has predicted that 2011 will see sales of 3D hardware rapidly grow as prices drop due to increased competition. Unlike a television, the VPD31 and projector solution is scalable allowing users to enlarge a 3D image to any size they choose without losing any quality at all. Following its pre-view at CES, the solution has been given great reviews from the gaming community making it one of the most sought after 3D solutions on the market."

The RRP is £299 inc. VAT

For further details of the VPD31 and PDG-250 glasses please visit: