Video shows Star Wars Prequels "rhyme" with original trilogy

A video showing the intense visual similarities between the original Star Wars trilogy and each successive prequel has been released. This video was made by a creator by the name of "whoispablo", a rather big Star Wars fan and certainly someone who isn't part of the "We hate the Prequels" club. Here you'll see George Lucas suggest of the prequels: "you see the echo of where all is gonna go. It's like poetry, they rhyme", followed by proof.

When you watch the following video, you'll wonder to yourself: "do these movies line up perfectly? Does one movie have a moment when its equivalent is playing at the exact same time on the other?" The answer is no, not so much. This isn't a Wizard of Oz / Pink Floyd sort of situation. It IS pretty spectacular to witness, nonetheless.

The music you're hearing here goes by the name of "Experience", performed by Ludovico Einaudi. The creator of this video "whoispablo" is a Los Angeles-based Editor and Director from Barcelona who can be found at His full name is Pablo Fernández Eyre.

Also have a peek at a number of images we've uncovered this week from The Force Awakens and see if you can pull up any less-than-subtle symmetries with the original trilogy and/or the prequels. They're pretty out-there.