Video Games as sports: watch a live tournament now

Chris Burns - Jul 8, 2014
Video Games as sports: watch a live tournament now

Delivered in a collection of streams, some made for top-tier viewing, some for side-games, and one for those new to the game, Valve is bringing video game sporting (esports) to the public with DOTA2. What you’ll want to do is check out the several streams below to catch whatever angle you’re all about.

The first video you’re going to see comes from a “NEWB” perspective. If you’re new to esports, this is the best video stream for you to have a peek at. Here you’ll have friendly experts explaining what this video game sporting situation is all about.

Watch live video from dota2ti_noob on

Next you’ll see the main feed. This shows the International 4 from a professional perspective – by the gamers that are aiming for gamer watchers. Compare what’s said here to what’s spoken of above and you’ll find an entirely different perspective.

Watch live video from dota2ti on

For those of you that wish to see more information on the DOTA2 tournament, have a peek at our recent article on The International competition and the compendium released this year. Also let us know if you’ve ever competed in an event like this – we’d like to chat with you!

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