Verizon's HTC/Google slate using N-Trig touchscreen?

With IFA 2010 just around the corner, it feels like half the stories this week are about tablets.  Now, on the back of reports that HTC are crafting a wireless tablet for Verizon for release this coming November, Haaretz is claiming that touchscreen specialists N-Trig will be providing the finger-friendly panels for the slate they're calling the gPad.

According to their source, right now there's only a single gPad prototype and most N-Trig employees don't know of the collaboration with HTC.  It's also unclear whether the eventual tablet will be branded as a Google product, an HTC one or something else; still, it'll definitely have multitouch support.

Doubts have been expressed over the idea of the Verizon slate running Google Chrome OS, with suggestions that it is more likely to get the established Android OS.  Haaretz claim to have been informed of N-Trig's involvement – the company is better known for its touchscreens being used in Windows based notebooks – by HTC themselves.

[via Gizmodo]