Verizon Google Chrome OS tablet by HTC launching November 26th?

Definitely one for the rumor-mill, but DownloadSquad claim to have heard from a source that HTC are building Google a Chrome OS tablet that will launch on the Verizon network in the US on November 26th.  That's a Black Friday launch, leading to speculation that Verizon will couple the slate with some seriously subsidized pricing so as to lure in would-be iPad buyers.

However, beyond that the details and specifications of the Google Chrome OS tablet are unknown.  Some are tipping NVIDIA's Tegra 2 as the likely choice for the Google-branded hardware, though that would be a departure for HTC which has generally stuck with Qualcomm for their mobile chipsets.  Otherwise it's likely to be a case of the usual capacitive touchscreen, integrated WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth (along with EVDO Rev.A) and a webcam.

It's not the only tablet that's believed to be headed to Verizon, with slates from Motorola, Samsung and RIM both making headlines over the past few weeks.  These are expected to slot into different niches within the tablet segment, with the so-called BlackBerry BlackPad being a companion device for business and enterprise users, while the Motorola slate is tipped to have tighter integration with Verizon's FiOS TV service