Verizon Unlimited 3G Customers Can Upgrade To 4G, Keep Unlimited, And Add $30 Tether

Verizon's new tiered data plans officially kicked in yesterday with four packages ranging from $10 per month for a meager 75MB to $80 per month for 10GB. It's a bummer for new customers here on, but if you were lucky enough to have snagged a 3G unlimited plan earlier, there's some surprising good news.

Two Verizon support Tweets today revealed that current Verizon customers with the $29.99 unlimited 3G data plan will be able to upgrade to a 4G LTE smartphone and still be able to keep the unlimited data plan. Additionally, a $30 unlimited mobile hotspot tethering plan can be added. This offer is good for Verizon customer that signed up for an unlimited data plan prior to yesterday.

Other packages in Verizon's current tiered data plan includes $30 per month for 2GB and $50 per month for 5GB. Each gigabyte over your limit will cost you an additional $10. Verizon also plans to help customers monitor their usage via free text alerts.

[via Android Community]