Verizon Tiered Data Plans Include Free Texts To Monitor Usage

For those hoping to get an unlimited data plan from Verizon, you're time is up. Today, the new tiered data plans officially kick in with four packages that range from $10 per month for 75MB to $80 per month for 10GB. Each gigabyte over your limit will cost you $10. With all the connecting, sharing, email checking, and media downloading we do these days, those numbers can add up quickly.

To avoid some of the frustration likely to come with billing inquiry calls, Verizon is offering to send free text messages to customers to alert them of their data usage. This will allow customers to easily monitor their data usage to ensure no overages and surprises when the monthly bill comes in. The service will start this week with message alerts sent when certain usage thresholds are crossed, such as at 50 percent, 75 percent, 90 percent, 100 percent, and 110 percent.

Registered My Verizon customers can also use the online account management tool to request email alerts and can add up to three additional email addresses. Other options to check your data usage include dialing #DATA and pressing send from your phone to receive a free text with your data usage status. For customers with Android or BlackBerry devices, there's a Data Usage widget that can be downloaded to monitor usage.

[via Verizon]