Verizon testing 4G LTE iPhone for 2010 release?

Salt cellars at the ready, folks.  Despite an aggressive anti-iPhone campaign kicked off over the weekend and an incoming Android device that's said to have had the biggest Google involvement in hardware to-date, Verizon is tipped to have been testing a 4G LTE iPhone on their fledgling next-gen network.  According to fonefrenzy's unnamed sources, Verizon and Apple have been testing the CDMA iPhone over the past few months, with carrier CEO Lowell McAdam double-dipping on his trips to Mountain View, California, by stopping by both Google and Apple's headquarters.

fonefrenzy claim that the "iDon't" ad campaign to promote the Verizon Droid is actually the handiwork of Motorola, not Verizon themselves.  Meanwhile Apple and Verizon have been working on their flagship 2010 device, an LTE iPhone that will run on the carrier's new 700MHz network.

No release date has been finalized, according to the sources, but this certainly isn't the first time we've heard of either a CDMA iPhone or an LTE one.  Apple's sales figures for the iPhone have been incredible, but there's an argument by some analysts that they'll need an even bigger revolution soon in order to maintain their momentum; LTE could definitely tick that box.