Verizon tablet prices explode

If you were planning on heading to Verizon to pick up your favorite 4G LTE capable tablet this week, you might be in for a surprise – the prices for these devices have gone up significantly. The reason for this is that Verizon has decided to stop subsidizing tablet prices, selling them instead for their full original ticket price with no service contract attached. This move comes along with Verizon's new Share Everything plans which were enacted last month.

On the negative side of this coin, you'll be paying a large amount of cash up front if you want to own a tablet with Verizon. If you want the least expensive 4G LTE-toting Motorola Droid Xyboard 10.1, you'll be paying $630 USD. If you want the least expensive 4G LTE-toting Apple iPad, you'll also be paying $630 USD.

The plus side is that with this new system, you'll be able to add service for a tablet for just $10 a month for starters – which is cheap until you actually start using your internet. For data per month you'll be paying $60 a month for 2GB, $70 for 4GB, $80 for 6GB, $90 for 8GB, and a whopping $100 gets you 10GB of data per month. Each 1GB of data overage costs you $15 USD unless the user chooses to go over and says so before they do so – in that case it's just $10 per 1GB.

Current customers are grandfathered in to their current data plans while new customers will only be able to choose from this Share Everything set of plans. Pre-paid tablet plans also exist, with $20 for 1GB of data, $30 for 2GB, $50 for 3GB, or $80 for 8GB – see if you can find the strangeness in these prices. And of course, go grab a tablet now!