Verizon Seeks Strike Injunction

It was just this past Sunday when the strikes began across the USA, Verizon workers from Washington D.C. all the way to Massachusetts protesting Verizon's demands of "over 100" concessions to be made on the part of Verizon workers in the face of falling profits. Affected Verizon customers include those working with Internet service, land line phones, and Verizon's FiOS television. What's happening today is Verizon seeking injunctions against these strikers to prevent "illegal" and "reprehensible" strike activities to continue.

Company spokesman Rich Young spoke the words above and has said that they've sought out injunctions against strikers in Pennsylvania and Delaware so far and will continue to seek them out in any state where strikers are blocking buildings. Around 45,000 workers are involved in the strike, none of them dealing with mobile business in Verizon Wireless stores. Labor contracts have apparently failed and Verizon workers are marching for pay and benefits they feel they deserve as Verizon employees.

The CWA represents 35,000 of the 45k workers on the strike while the Brotherhood of Electrical Workers makes up the other 10,000. Verizon spokespeople maintain that Verizon workers have been unwilling to "negotiate on anything that's critical" while CWA members note that they're getting "serious about bargaining." For more information on this strike, head back to our original post entitled Verizon Workers Strike, 45,000 Union Members Strong and see some rather poignant quotes as well.

[via Rueters]