Verizon Pocket eDGe dual-display ereader caught in wild

Verizon's upcoming Entourage eDGe ereader has been spotted in the wild, with chipset manufacturer Marvell accidentally allowing the dual-screen clamshell to be caught on camera during a visit by Arnold Schwarzenegger.  The device is labeled the Verizon Pocket eDGe, a reference to the smaller displays than the original eDGe.

According to the rumors, the Verizon ereader is due sometime this month and will have a roughly 7-inch display, rather than the 9.7-inch panels used on the existing model.  That should make it a little more pocket-friendly, though it'll still be thicker than the Kindle and nook thanks to the hinged design.

Full specs are unclear, but the original eDGe had an E Ink panel on the left (with a Wacom digitizer) and a touchscreen LCD on the right, and ran the Android OS.  With September halfway done, we shouldn't have long to wait to see if this particular model pans out.

[via The Digital Reader - thanks Nate!]