Verizon "Entourage" ereader duo due September

Here's an odd one.  Verizon are already tipped to be offering at least one 10.1-inch tablet later in 2010, and are name-checked as the potential carrier of choice for Sharp's upcoming duo of LCD ebook readers, but according to Engadget's sources the roadmap has two devices billed as "ereaders" on the roadmap for September that are labelled as "Entourage".  That's got them speculating that the devices may be from the same Entourage that produces the dual-screen eDGe ereader.

Unsurprisingly technical specifications aren't exactly flooding the roadmap, so beyond the two devices having 7- and 10-inch displays there's no indication of hardware.  If indeed Entourage are the hardware manufacturers, they've used Android as their OS before now together with both E Ink and touchscreen LCD displays.