Verizon LTE exec spotted at iPhone launch: 4G inside?

SlashGear is in the line waiting to head in for Verizon's press event this morning in NYC, but we've already been spotting the carrier's execs arriving for what's expected to be the Verizon iPhone launch. Perhaps a telling attendee is Verizon's Jeffrey Nelson, who's been responsible for 4G LTE outreach with the carrier.

Does Nelson's presence mean LTE support is likely in the Verizon iPhone 4? It's certainly a well-rumored possibility, though pundits differ in their opinion as to whether the smartphone will simply be an EVDO Rev.A version of the AT&T UMTS iPhone 4, or if Verizon will have leap-frogged their rival and become the first to offer 4G speeds on Apple's handset.

That might explain this post-CES 2011 reveal, rather than launching the Verizon iPhone before the holiday sales period started. We'll know for sure in less than an hour, so join us over at for all the details as they happen!