Verizon iPhone Skype Mobile app tipped for WiFi/3G video calling; iPad Skype imminent?

Leaked Skype documents seem to confirm a Verizon iPhone along with an incoming version of the VoIP that will support video calls on the handset. According to a Japanese-language FAQ [translated] on Skype's site, the new app will support video calls over WiFi and 3G; Apple's own Face Time video call system only supports WiFi. It's unclear if AT&T will be supporting Skype over 3G, or if this is simply a move by Verizon to better differentiate their much-rumored version of the iPhone, though the fact that the support document is called "Skype Mobile for Verizon" suggests the latter is the case.

The document follows a previous leak from Skype which also discussed an iPad video call client but which made no mention of Verizon. That was quickly pulled by the company and eventually replaced with this updated FAQ. According to the feature list, the new Skype Mobile will support both other mobile apps and desktop Skype clients on PC and Mac, along with switching between cameras. However, screen-sharing and group video calls won't be possible.

Pre-holiday rumors suggested that Verizon would launch an LTE iPhone soon after Christmas, and were the latest batch of a persistent CDMA iPhone chatter that has surrounded the Apple smartphone since its first generation. As for the iPad-specific Skype Mobile app, that's described as follows:

"Even though the iPhone application is fully compatible with the iPad, we're still always striving to bring the best to our Skype users, which is why we're developing a Skype application designed specifically for the iPad. Watch the website for further updates. The Skype application will work fine with your iPad's in-built speakers and mic, but we still recommend plugging in some headphones for best sound quality."

[via 9 to 5 Mac and via MSNBC]