Verizon Intrigue & AT&T E71, LG Zenon, maybe BlackJack III coming soon?

Details of several upcoming handsets across various mobile networks have leaked to Engadget, including the long-anticipated Nokia E71 and the Nokia 7205 Intrigue.  While they're tight-lipped on exactly which "major national retailer" the schedule comes from (I'm guessing it's not Circuit City), the important thing is that as of March 15th you'll be able to pick up your own Verizon Intrigue.

The Nokia E71 will arrive on April 1st, with the LG Zenon (previously known as the Xenon) following on April 10th, both with AT&T.  Meanwhile the Palm Pro hits Sprint on March 15th.

The schedule also includes an as-yet unknown device, which is listed without a manufacturer and with the name (or codename) "Jackfrost".  That will apparently land on AT&T on March 29th.  According to a Google search, it's possible that the Jackfrost is the Samsung SGH-i627, or BlackJack III, the US-spec version fo the i620.