Verizon HTC One release set for Blue

If you expected the Verizon release of the HTC One to be done without any special fanfare, it's time to amp up the volume. This week it's been tipped that the big red edition of the HTC One won't be done in the standard silver, nor the internationally released red. Instead, this version of the HTC One will be done in a cool blue. UPDATE: Though it still may have a blue edition down the line, the first Verizon HTC One will be silver, and it'll be here in September.

The source speaking on this subject does so with Phone Arena, letting them know that the SKU coded in as HTC6500LVWBLU has been added to Verizon's stock list. This version of the phone is described simply as "HTC One in Blue". There's also a tip that the red edition will be headed to the most yellow of US carriers, while no other color editions are currently scheduled for the states.

Our most recent information on the possible launch date for the HTC One turned the earlier tip of August 1st into an August 15th affair, this still appearing to be the best guess on the part of insiders. This should place it in the running for a pre-DROID reboot and avoid being run over by Motorola's other star this month: Moto X.

The Verizon HTC One comes in to the carrier with a horde of competitors from each of the other major manufacturers, each as outlined in our Verizon HTC One Civil War article from mid-July. Take heed of the new context ecosystem wave with the Moto X, otherwise our original HTC One review holds tight.