Verizon Gets Galaxy Nexus Exclusive (At First)

Up until last night, the rumor mill for the new Samsung device Galaxy Nexus was equaled only by the recently squashed notion of the iPhone 5 – all that's changed, but one point remains up in the air: will Verizon get the exclusive here in the USA? The answer appears to have come at first in a post from just a few hours ago showing the device complete with a Verizon 4G LTE logo emblazoned on the back of the device. So we're sure it's coming to Verizon, at least – then just moments ago we've been tipped by a mister Matthew D.L. about an answer he received to the same question we're asking here – will anyone else get this device, the first Android with Ice Cream Sandwich?

According the official Samsung Mobile USA Facebook page and answered by a Samsung representative apparently named "Samsung Janel", Verizon will indeed be offering the Galaxy Nexus "with the initial release" and furthermore "other carriers may support this device in the near future." We're guessing this means that there'll be a sort of Nexus S situation where one carrier will get this exclusive first release, then (hopefully sooner than the Nexus S) the rest will join the party right afterward.

Think back to the first Google device and you'll remember that Google had hoped to have one single smartphone launch on all carriers simultaneously. As you may well be aware, such a thing never ended up happening, but down the line with the Nexus S we're seeing such a thing happen – though not all at once – and we can expect the same thing with the Galaxy Nexus. Will you grab the device when it comes to Verizon at first? Or will you wait for one of the other big guns here in the USA? Or maybe better yet – will you buy the device off-contract from overseas?

Thanks for the tip, Matthew!

In case you've missed it, here is our hands-on coverage with the Galaxy Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich

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