Verizon Galaxy Nexus gets interactive support simulator, help with Android 4.0 ICS

Though the differences between the original Galaxy Nexus that's been released a couple of weeks ago by Samsung internationally and the Verizon 4G LTE version of the handset are few, Verizon has gone above and beyond the call of duty in creating an interactive "this is how you do it" page for the device's relatively new software. What you'll be able to do on this Samsung Galaxy Nexus support simulator is find out how to access and use everything from Phone Calls to Android Beam, all of this fully activated and ready to go on the handset set to release SOON (tomorrow, if you believe the whispers from above.)

What you'll be able to do on this page is see the instructions Verizon is providing for you in small, smaller, larger, and largest text sizes, this making the whole system readily readable by those grandmothers and uncles just starting in on Android. You'll be able to see how to use your camera, use your device as a 4G mobile hotspot, and of course, the newly build-in Google+. You'll remember back from our first introduction to the Galaxy Nexus that it's the first Android device to come with the Google+ social network app on it right out of the box – so very easy and convenient, yes?

Now we've got more than enough show that Verizon will let this phone be released this week, correct? How much more proof do you need than several sources at several stores and a brand new click-through guide on how to use the device? You'd like confirmation from Verizon themselves? Good luck folks! Use this interactive interface to sooth your weary soul and try to get some sleep tonight -right out in front of the Verizon store.

[via Verizon]