Verizon DROID, DEVOUR and Tour 9630 all axed?

Chris Davies - Jul 16, 2010
Verizon DROID, DEVOUR and Tour 9630 all axed?

A Verizon leak has tipped various smartphones as reaching end-of-life status, including the Motorola DROID and its less-endearing sibling the Motorola DEVOUR.  Droid Forums received a screenshot from an internal Verizon message, tipping the two Android handsets as expected to see “limited or no remaining shipments from the vendor”, together with the Nokia 7705 Twist and the BlackBerry Tour 9630.

The Samsung Knack U310, Smooth U350, Intensity U450 and Saga I770 are also tipped for the chip, as well as the Gateway LT2016U.  No word on what stock Verizon have left of any of the handsets; we’ve checked the two Motorola phones on the carrier’s site, and both seem to still be in stock, but we’d recommend calling ahead if you’re planning on making the trip out to your nearest Verizon store.

Motorola’s newest Android handset, the DROID X, was released on Verizon yesterday and has already sold out; new shipments aren’t expected to go out until July 23rd.  Meanwhile the DROID 2 – which will, like the first DROID, have hardware QWERTY keyboard – is expected to debut imminently.

[via Android Community]

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