Verizon Double Data deal rules clarified

This morning we've been passed some clarification on the rules and regulations within the Verizon Double Data deal announced yesterday including the length of the deal, eligibility, and on which devices will work with the data. The announcement of the deal came alongside the release of the reviews of the Motorola DROID RAZR, a device that'll be released on Verizon's 4G LTE network on the 11th of this month. Have a peek below at the official updates.

The information following comes from directly from Verizon and can be taken as hard facts, no doubts included. Along with this information comes the assurance that Verizon always encourages you the customer to check out your data plan for the best and most well-suited plan for how often and for what you use your device – Data – The Choice is Yours. Direct from Verizon:

- all new customers who purchase a 4G smartphone are eligible for the double data plans

- existing customers who have upgraded their service or purchased a 4G smartphone within the last 14 days will be eligible for the double data plans.

- once a customer has the plan, they keep the plan as long as they are on a 4G smartphone.  The limited time promotion applies to how long we will sell the plan, not how long customers get to use the plans.

- Only smart phones, not mobile hotshots, USBs or tablets. Just smartphone plans.

- customers can begin buying the plans today.

Have a peek at the rest of the deal in the post Verizon double-data LTE promotion revealed. And of course check out the Motorola DROID RAZR review as well.